EDF-X for Corporates - Captive Finance

EDF-X provides an easy-to-use solution to identify and manage loan risks with early warning

Key risks Corporates in Captive Finance are navigating

Economic and market uncertainties are growing

Increasing regulations are impacting captives’ capital requirements and business models. Digitization is bringing new competitors. At the same time, rising interest rates and inflation, the possibility of a recession, and geopolitical risks are a few of the factors impacting cashflows for both lessees and debtors. Weaker companies that are highly leveraged are at greater risk of default on payments.

Manufacturer captives are tasked with not losing money from their credit decisions. Funding sources and banks are tasked with generating revenue from their credit decisions. Given today’s uncertain economic environment, The Early Warning System and scenario analysis from EDF-X provide a comprehensive and flexible solution to identify and manage these loan risks.

How Corporates in Captive Finance can identify early signs of credit deterioration with EDF-X

We score the world's largest credit database

Our credit risk models are built on decades of global private company data from our bank consortium members, coupled with time-tested techniques to calculate credit risk from equity signals. Our models are validated over multiple credit cycles and informed by the world’s leading financial institutions who use them.

  • 4 million defaults going back to 1973
  • 190+ million detailed financial statements
  • Accelerated credit insights for 450 million pre-scored companies
  • Coverage for small businesses on Main Street to global conglomerates
  • Trade payment experiences and verified supply chain spend data

EDF-X turns the value of our data into action, enabling you to make better credit decisions

Staying ahead of potential credit risks and financial losses can be a daunting task. But what if you had access to an advanced platform with accurate global data and decision analytics built in?

  • Pre-qualification and on-the-spot credit assessment
  • Uncover emerging risks and opportunities
  • Rank loans vs. 300,000+ peers
  • Forecast performance across industries and regions
  • Supply chain management
  • Loan transfer pricing

How Corporates in Captive Finance can simplify credit risk monitoring with EDF-X

Game-changing automation and efficiencies – so you don't have to worry about being caught off guard

EDF-X is scalable, easy to use, and has industry-leading coverage, so you can score all of your exposures. Now you can have peace of mind that no opportunity or threat is left undetected.

  • Automated credit measures for any company in the world
  • AI-driven models with payment data and alternative signals
  • Color-coded alerts to flag credit risks in advance
  • Comprehensive platform with no user inputs required
  • API integration with your workflow and other Moody’s data

What Corporates are saying about EDF-X

"What would have taken my team an hour to get risk insights for a private firm is now taking us less than a minute with the new EDF-X workflow. It has superseded my expectations. It is saving my team valuable time and shaping the way in which we review our portfolio. The optimization search tool is quick and efficient, the site is easy to navigate and the enhancements which identify early warning triggers are a game changer."

- Risk Manager from a global technology and electronics conglomerate