Introducing EDF-X Navigator

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What is EDF-X Navigator?

EDF-X Navigator is a conversational platform powered by Generative AI. You can now skyrocket your productivity and unlock the full potential of EDF-X like never before. It helps you to:

  • Understand the EDF-X methodology, validation, and analytics better 
  • Access multiple data points for single companies
  • Compare two companies
  • Access summary information for portfolios (up to 5,000 companies)
  • Understand the EDF-X platform better and how to use it
  • Get support in multiple languages
  • Enjoy a seamless experience by saving previous questions and responses and exploring follow-up questions
  • Use a voice control option for hands-free operation
  • Benefit from instant on-demand, self-service support

Your feedback helps EDF-X Navigator become even better. By selecting thumbs up or thumbs down, you contribute to refining and improving our AI-driven responses so that you receive the most relevant and accurate information.

What can EDF-X Navigator do?

Effortlessly navigate, seamlessly learn, and instantly access the support you need. Skyrocket your productivity and unlock the full potential of EDF-X like never before.

Ready Now

→ Learn how to use EDF-X, e.g., "How can I download financial statements?"

→ Understand EDF-X methodology, e.g., "How are Early Warning Categories assigned?" or "How are peer groups assigned?"

→ Explore EDF-X validation, e.g., "What was the dataset used to build and validate the US RiskCalc 4.0 model?"

→ Accessing data and analytics, e.g., "Summarize the credit risk of US128832070L (Boeing Inc.)."

→ Managing your portfolio, e.g., "Which companies should I worry about?"

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the exciting enhancements and updates, including:

→ Driving EDF-X user interface, e.g., "Set up an alert when companies in my portfolio move to the SEVERE category."

→ Drive improved onboarding experience for new users. e.g., "Show me how to create a portfolio."

→ Translate EDF-X analytics for specific uses - e.g., "What is my counterparty's supplier risk?"

→ Understand key company events and industry themes available in the news - e.g., "What are the latest developments for small manufacturing companies in Oklahoma City?"

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