EDF-X for Payment Providers

EDF-X provides a comprehensive solution to manage risks from chargebacks and merchant defaults.

Key risks Payment Providers are navigating 

Digital payments are booming

Despite economic challenges, digital payments thrive with customer-centric focus and secure data practices coming to light. Changing behaviors from the pandemic are accelerating the shift towards online payments. E-wallets also support financial inclusion and eco-friendly transactions. There’s more focus now on speed, affordability, and security, while expanding into niche markets.

A major threat to payment providers is that their clients are more likely to default in today’s shaky economy leaving them with a large bill to pay. This risk becomes amplified as payment providers operate in global markets across multiple sectors. Extensive company coverage, macroeconomic data, peer analytics, and Early Warning System from EDF-X help quantify and manage credit risks from chargebacks and merchant defaults.

How Payment Providers can identify early signs of credit deterioration with EDF-X

We score the world’s largest credit database

Our credit risk models are built on decades of global private company data from our bank consortium members, coupled with time-tested techniques to calculate credit risk from equity signals. Our models are validated over multiple credit cycles and informed by the world’s leading financial institutions who use them.

  • 50+ years of experience modelling credit risk
  • 4 million defaults going back to 1973
  • 190+ million detailed financial statements
  • Accelerated credit insights for 450+ million pre-scored companies
  • Coverage for small businesses on Main Street to global conglomerates
  • AI-driven models with payment and alternative signals

EDF-X turns the value of our data into action, enabling you to make better business and credit decisions

Staying ahead of potential credit risks and financial losses can be a daunting task. But what if you had access to an advanced platform with accurate global data and decision analytics built in?

  • Pre-qualification screening and on-the-spot credit assessment
  • Monitor risks in global merchant portfolios over time
  • Understand where to place funds
  • Manage chargeback risks with early warning
  • Explain entity risks with transparent methodologies and risk signals

How Payment Providers can simplify credit risk monitoring with EDF-X

Game-changing automation and efficiencies – so you don’t have to worry about being caught off guard

EDF-X is scalable, easy to use, and has industry-leading coverage, so you can monitor all of your merchants. Now you can have peace of mind that no opportunity or threat is left undetected.

  • Automated credit measures for any company in the world
  • Color-coded alerts to flag credit risks in advance
  • Option to use your own data and set custom alerts
  • Panoramic view of risk across peers, sectors and regions
  • Forward-looking Probability of Default (PD)
  • Implied Ratings
  • Macroeconomic insights
  • API integration with your workflow and other Moody’s data