UK Ministry of Defence will use Moody’s Analytics to support its supplier risk program

Building its supply chain resilience in the era of exponential risk

About the Client

Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) is a body of the UK Ministry of Defence responsible to manage a range of defense equipment and service purchases for the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force.


Avoid unexpected or unmitigated supply chain failures

In response to the UK government’s Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy, DE&S set course for a significant evolution in how it procures and supports military equipment solutions. Their goal is to ensure there are no unexpected or unmitigated supply chain failures causing disruption to delivery by 2025.

DE&S began developing a business intelligence dashboard to assess their risk through several lenses, for their immediate suppliers as well as their wider supply chain. However, they soon found that they required additional risk datasets to gain actionable and valuable insights.


Innovative credit risk solution that offered actionable insights

DE&S chose to partner with Moody’s Analytics given its extensive global entity data coverage and industry leading risk models that cover all the risk lenses they had identified. The choice was further bolstered due to the robust and transparent nature of our risk models, and our industry track record for providing leading integrated risk assessment solutions.

Key benefits to the client

Moody’s Analytics will be providing DE&S with an integrated risk assessment solution that includes the following datasets and scores.

Global Entity Data
Sanctions Compliance and Financial Crime Data
Mergers And Acquisition (M&A) Data
Intellectual Property (IP) Data
ESG Scores and Financial Health Scores


Implemented best-practice credit assessment and benchmarking tools

Moody’s Analytics will provide global entity data, information on connected individuals, and key risk indicators from its award-winning data insights, predictive analytics and screening suite of solutions.