EDF-X In Action

Analyze credit risk for any company in the world

Gain relevant credit risk insights at the right time

EDF-X offers actionable insights throughout the entire credit lifecycle by providing a comprehensive risk view for a company, portfolio, peers, and industry. It also allows you to run multiple macroeconomic scenarios and what-if analysis at each level.

Market Analysis
& Prospecting

Pre-Qualify by
Running Potential

Scale with
Origination Practices

Monitor all your
Exposures for

Calculate Expected
Credit Losses for
CECL / Stress Testing

Revolutionizing early detection of risk

With the possibility of a global recession looming and rising corporate default risk, early warning signals are more important now than ever. EDF-X takes credit risk signals to the next level by pre-calculating risk insights for any company in the world without tedious modeling decisions or manual inputs based on the best data available.

EDF-X helps determine which exposures you should worry about and when. It will provide comprehensive company risk capabilities, including:

Early Warning

Early Warning Signal

Peer Analytics

Probability of Default

Payment Data

Implied Ratings

Trade Credit Limits

Underlying Data and Risk Drivers

Scenario Conditioning

Confidence Indicators

Climate & ESG

Company News and Sentiment

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Credit Sentiment

Customized Alerts

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Bonds & Equities

What-If Analysis

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EDF-X Early Warning Signal captured the firm’s surging credit risk 3+ years in advance.


We go beyond company-level insights

Deeper peer insights give the 10,000-foot view of risk.

The firm has been in line/or above the 75th percentile since 2019, among the industry’s riskiest firms today.


The Early Warning Signal identified 31 companies to watch in the U.S. consumer durables industry– providing actionable insights on risks and opportunities for the group.


Scenario-conditioning helps prepare for potential risks

Stressed measures conditioned on macroeconomic scenarios provide an economic narrative to the company/industry’s risk.


Our severe stressed scenario suggests defaults for U.S. consumer durables would likely surpass the Global Financial Crisis.