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Getting to know your Ghostbusters! Part Seventeen: Dan Webb

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

danHello everyone! Another weekend, another installment of Getting To Know Your Ghostbusters! This week we spotlight Dan Webb! Musician, photographer, Ghostbuster!

PGB: Dan, tell us a little about yourself. Who are you? What do you do besides Ghostbusting? Any other hobbies or interests?

Dan: I’m a musician and photographer, and was recently hired by Apple as a Family Room Specialist. On my down time I enjoy watching movies, playing PS3, and collecting spores, molds and fungus

PGB: How long have you been with the group and what made you decide to join?

Dan: I’ve been with the group for about 5 months. I wanted to join for a few reasons, first these are a great bunch of guys who are patient, helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve never met anyone else who could match or one up me on my Ghostbuster trivia! We also support great and bring attention to relevant causes.

PGB: When and why did you begin building your GB uniform and gear?

Dan: I began building my uniform around the same time I joined the group. (more…)