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Getting to know your Ghostbusters! Part Three: Jack Doud

Monday, May 24th, 2010

jackWelcome back friends, fans, and supporters. It’s time for our third installment, and this week our spotlight is on Jack Doud.

PGB: Jack, tell us a little about yourself. Who are you? What do you do besides Ghostbusting? Any other hobbies or interests?

Jack: I’m your generic evolved monkey who enjoys prop building, costuming, model making and pop culture.

PGB: How long have you been with the group and what made you decide to join?

Jack: Summer of 2009…ish. Being part of a group gives me a chance to wear the stuff more often without looking like a crazy person.

PGB: When and why did you begin building your GB uniform and gear?

Jack: I started researching GB props about 10 years ago but only started actively making things a year ago. I enjoy building props and doing a full costume over just individual props lets me do something with them other than just looking at them on a shelf.

PGB: What is your favorite aspect of prop building?

Jack: I enjoy the detail and challenge in recreating a prop as accurately as I can. (more…)