Hot Topic exclusive Stay Puft POP!

May 8th, 2014  / Author: Tara



Funko POP! has revealed a “Burnt” Stay Puft. It is currently available as a 90 day Hot Topic exclusive. Will you be purchasing this Stay Puft? Or will you be sticking with the orginals?

PGB at RetroCon!

April 9th, 2014  / Author: Tara


“A pop culture and memorabilia show catering to anything considered retro, especially the 80’s!”

The Philadelphia Ghostbusters will be gearing up this year at RetroCon! Come join us September 27th & 28th, in oaks,   PA!

For more information Click Here. Article about PGB!

June 5th, 2012  / Author: phillygb posted a great article about Wizard World Philadelphia Comic-Con.  They focused on our group and the charity work we do, as well as which is an organization that raised money towards Parkinson’s research with the Back To The Future Delorean!  Thanks to Michael Wirth for the heads up!

Read the full article here

Wizard World Philadelphia 2012

June 4th, 2012  / Author: phillygb


The Wizard World Comic-Con is a big deal for the Philadelphia Ghostbusters.  It was 4 years ago (2008) when some of the original members met and began promoting the group which has seen it’s membership snowball into the group they have now.  The past 3 years they have still been at the annual Wizard World Philadelphia Comic-Con, but now as an exhibitor.  The PGB have found a great way to connect with their fans, raise money for charity, and enlist new members. Read the rest of this entry »

PGB on Live Television to promote Wizard World!

May 31st, 2012  / Author: phillygb

The Philadelphia Ghostbusters appeared on PHL-17’s Eye Opener LIVE morning show to help promote the upcoming Wizard World Philadelphia Comic-Con.  Nate, Julia and Paul showed up full dressed to explain who the PGB are and our role at the convention.  Check it out!

PGB Wizard World Philly 2011!

June 15th, 2011  / Author: phillygb


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Great Strides for Cystic Fibrosis Walk

May 21st, 2011  / Author: phillygb

danphanaticAfter raising a total of $1,589.00, Nate Paro, Paul D. Poole, Dawn Poole, Michael Richards, and Dan Ritchie represented the Philly Ghostbusters at the Great Strides For Cystic Fibrosis walk on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at the Philadelphia Zoo and had a great time!

Also a shout out to PGB members Julia Phipps, Adam Gamler, Ally Scanlon, Dana Colosimo, Dan Webb, Matt Burkit, Joe Hennessey, Anthony Belfatto, and Ed Hartman who all helped raise money for this great cause!

Check out all the great photos on our Facebook Page!

Philly Ghostbusters on Cross The Streams Radio Show!

May 6th, 2011  / Author: phillygb

show-14-poster-300x210Paul Poole and Ed Hartman were part of the roundtable in May’s edition of Cross the Streams Radio Show.  Brendan sat down them along with Fernando Hernandez from the Long Island Ghostbusters,’s Webmaster Jason Fitzsimmons, Ghosthead Evan Johnston, and joining  for the last half of the show was Sam Swōpe from the Steel City Ghostbusters. 

Listen below!

Philly GB in Fourteenth Street Magazine!

April 1st, 2011  / Author: phillygb

pgbWho Ya Gonna Call?  Not Bill Murray

The Philadelphia Ghostbusters met up with a reporter from Fourteenth Street Magazine one night while raising money on South Street.  The group was interviewed by Lauren Macaluso to be featured in the magazine. 

Well, that time is now and the magazine has been released and you can read the article online!  Check out the digital version below, and click to see the whole magazine in full screen mode.  We have a photo on Page 10 and the article is on page 12.

Thanks to the folks over at Fourteenth Street!!!

2010 Philadelphia Walk Now for Autism Speaks Video

March 16th, 2011  / Author: phillygb

Autism Speaks released a video recap of the 2010 Walk in Philadelphia on October 2, 2010.  The Philadelphia Ghostbusters were part of that event after raising almost $3,000 for the cause.  You can see our group along with some Steel City Ghostbusters in the video below at the 0:28 and 1:31 points.